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Mini Piling Solutions

Mini Piling Contractors in Derby use Mini-piles which have the greatest use where ground conditions are variable, where access is restrictive, where environmental pollution aspects are significant, and where structural movements in service must be minimal.

Mini-piled underpinning is generally used when the loads from the foundations need to be transferred to stable soils at considerable depths. Schemes include pile and beam, cantilever pile-caps and piled raft systems. Cantilevered pile-caps are usually used to avoid disturbing the inside of a building, and require the construction of tension and compression piles to each cap.

These are normally linked by a reinforced concrete beam. The pile and beam system usually involves constructing pairs of piles on either side of the wall and linking them with a pile cap to support the wall. The pile caps are usually linked by reinforced concrete beams to support the entire length of the wall. Piled raft underpinning systems are commonly used when an entire building needs to be underpinned. The internal floors are completely removed, a grid of piles is installed, and a reinforced concrete raft is then constructed over the complete floor level, picking up and fully supporting all external and internal walls.

See Full Rig Specifications:

SFA Mini Kitten Rig

D1004_Mini Piling

Mini/Underpinning – KR708-2 Kurz

These Mini Piled solutions are ideal for foundation problems;

• In limited access locations such as house extensions, conservatories where spoil excavation and removal would be both difficult and expensive

• In built up areas where noise and vibration are a consideration and are particularly cost effective when compared to conventional systems

• In limited headroom locations within buildings for alterations to existing structures or for new work such as lift pits, machine bases etc

• In all small piling contracts such as foundations for a single house where the cost of mobilizing large equipment and the cost of the site preparation required would be prohibitive.

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