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Screw Piles

Screw Piling is sometimes referred to as screw anchors or helical piles.

Screw Piling is a mild steel rotated and advanced ground anchor system, that uses either a hollow or solid bar and helicies that are advanced into the ground and left in-situ. They then can be easily connected to Grillages, reinforced concrete caps and beams.

Extensively used on Rail, Highways, Telecommunications, Environmental, Marine and Renewable Energy Sites because of the benefits of being virtually vibrationless, clean and the machinery often requires less preparation and access constraints than the conventional piling Rigs.

Diameters from 150mm to 600mm.

Rigs from 5 tonnes to 40 tonnes.


See Full Rig Specifications: 

Vibratory/Sheet – DX300LC-3 – DX340LC-3

Screw Pile Data Sheet

Screw – Excavator Spec Sheet

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