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Underpinning is a technique used to improve or replace foundations of existing structures such as Residential housing and property, Commercial buildings, Industrial factories, bridges etc whilst they remain in place.

Mini Piling is also commonly used in Underpinning where Subsidence occurs.

Underpinning is often required when existing foundations fail due to subsidence, settlement or ground heave. It can also be used to improve the existing foundations capacity to allow extensions, basement construction or alteration to existing members.   

Subsidence is a huge problem for homeowners as ground subsidence can be caused for a variety of different reasons, such as Soil composition, trees and vegetation, poor drainage, mining and other man made problems. 


See Full Rig Specifications:

Mini/Underpinning – KR708-2 Kurz

D1000 Drop Weight Data

SFA Mini Kitten Rig

The Kitten rigs are ideally suited for underpinning and basement work even in the most confined and constricted situations. 

This a versatile and robust foundation system used in most ground conditions including made and contaminated areas. A clean and quickly installed displacement pile using a thicker wall section to that of the bottom driven pile.

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